Fantasy PPR Rankings 2012: Quarterbacks

Aaron Rodgers is the Champ of our way too early rankings.

Yes I know it seems a little early for Fantasy Football Rankings, yet the NFL Draft is just two weeks away and once that’s completed we are going to be on a crash course towards training camp, so Fantasy owners that want to get a step ahead, need to begin their research for the 2012 NFL season now!

These rankings are based on the standard PPR scoring system. For instance, QBs receive a point for every 25 yards passing and four points per touchdown pass.

Players get a point for every ten yards rushing and six points for a rushing touchdown. Receiving yardage is the exact same, as players get a point for every ten yards and six points for a receiving touchdowns.In addition to yardage points, all players in PPR Leagues get a point per reception, which is the main difference between PPR leagues and standard scoring leagues.

Some leagues also get bonus points for reaching 100 yards rushing, scoring long touchdowns or eclipsing 300 yards passing, these rankings will not reflect those types of scoring features. However, we will have analysis specific to those types of leagues in the future.

Therefore without further ado, are my very early 2012 QB rankings:

1.Aaron Rodgers

2. Drew Brees

3. Tom Brady

4. Cam Newton

5. Matt Stafford

6. Mike Vick

7. Eli Manning

8. Phillip Rivers

9. Peyton Manning

10. Tony Romo

11. Ben Roethlisberger

12. Robert Griffin III

13. Matt Schaub

14. Jay Cutler

15. Matt Ryan

16. Carson Palmer

17. Josh Freeman

18. Ryan Fitzpatrick

19. Sam Bradford

20. Matt Cassell

21. Joe Flacco

22. Andrew Luck

23. Mark Sanchez

24. Colt McCoy

25. Kevin Kolb

Rankings Analysis:

There should be nothing too surprising in these rankings, Aaron Rodgers tops the the list with the expectation that he will be the top fantasy quarterback in 2012.

What makes Rodgers so dangerous as a fantasy player, is that he generates as many point passing as any player, while at the same manufacturing points with his legs, making it hard for pocket passers like Brady and Brees to keep up with his production.

In case you failed to notice, Peyton Manning currently sits at the no.9 spot in rankings. I am very high on Manning as a fantasy quarterback, he has some good young receivers to work with, not to mention tight ends Joel Dressen and Jacob Tamme. Plus, Manning is the ultimate competitor and I have little doubt that if physically possible, Manning will regain his old form at some point.

At this point, his ranking is more of a reflection of the risk you assume when drafting Manning to be your qb1. I am not trying to dissuade you from drafting him, in fact just the opposite, I believe owners will get solid value by drafting him, just be sure to take a credible backup just in case.

One of the more difficult players to rank for this article is RG3, who is expected to join the Washington Redskins, who have the intention of using the no.2 overall pick to acquire his services. Griffin has immense talent and athleticism and will play in a system perfectly suited to his talents.

For the purposes of this ranking, RG3 rankes just on the outskirts of the qb1 range but could easily move up into the top ten by the start of the season.  His fantasy potential is through the roof  and will be well worth a gamble of a mid-round draft pick. He may struggle early on while adjusting to the way NFL defenses attack and mx coverages but nothing too major. Although, there are concerns about his accuracy as well, Griffin should be able to throw for plenty of yards, just don’t expect him to go over 4,000 such as Newton did last year.

Yet, even if he struggles passing, he will rack up points with rushing yards and touchdowns, a la Newton and Mike Vick. Just don’t expect as many owners to sleep on him, like they did on Newton, it will not happen again.

The other really difficult player to rank on this list was fellow rookie quarterback to be Andrew Luck. I absolutely love Luck as a prospect. He has everything you want in a quarterback.  He’s big, strong, athletic, accurate and smart. He has all the ingredients necessary to be elite and soon. There’s a reason everyone is calling him the best prospect since Peyton Manning, he’s legit.

The biggest thing  affecting Luck’s fantasy value currently,  is the talent surrounding him.. The best receiving option he will have is an aging Reggie Wayne, therefore the Colts have some work to do in the Draft or Free Agency before Luck can become a weekly option to start for you. Sam Bradford put up good numbers two years with little receiving help, so it can be done, therefore expect solid but not spectacular numbers from Luck in 2012.

Well folks that’s a wrap. One thing to keep in mind, these rankings are very early in the process and many things will change between now and when your drafting your team. Just keep following us here so you can get advice from the only PPR Experts on the Web.


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