Aaron Rodgers and the Top-10 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks in 2012.


If you want to win your fantasy league, better draft a QB like Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers.

If you know anything about fantasy football, then you know one of the things fantasy gurus love to do is create rankings and lists. We love to rank everything. In fact, it is hard to really talk about fantasy football without talking about some kind of list or ranking, which happens to be the case for this particular post.

Today, we are examining and power ranking the 10 best fantasy quarterbacks entering the 2012 season. Quarterback has suddenly become as important as running backs in fantasy football, if not more so. It does depend on the kind of league you’re playing in but regardless of scoring format, quarterbacks are dominating fantasy just like they do real football.

In PPR leagues, the gap between quarterbacks and running backs is not as wide as it is in say a standard scoring league. In PPR formats, Aaron Rodgers led the way with a scoring average of 25.6 points per game, followed by Drew Brees with 23.8. The top running backs in PPR leagues were Arian Foster and Ray Rice, who each averaged 23.2 points per game. So the numbers between the top QB’s and RB’s are fairly close in PPR. Standard is another story.

In standard formats, Rodgers still led the way with 25.6 points per game, Brees was 2nd with 23.8. However, in standard leagues, the top running backs were Foster (19.1), LeSean McCoy (18.7) and Rice (18.5). In total, five quarterbacks scored over averaged over 20 points a game, while not even the best runnings back reached that plateau, showing the widening gap in standard leagues between quarterbacks and running backs.

Therefore as fantasy football continues to evolve into a game dominated by quarterbacks, having an elite quarterback is essential. Winning in fantasy football is about staying ahead of the curve, so if you have any designs on winning your league in 2012, pay close attention to this list; you will need to get one of these guys on your team in order to set your fantasy team up for success.

Without further ado here is FantasyPPR.com Power Ranking of the Top-10 Fantasy Quarterbacks for 2012:

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