Dynasty Fantasy Football: The Risk of Owning Kenny Britt, Dez Bryant and Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch was in beast mode in 2011 but will his recent DUI keep him off the field at all in 2012?

RISK (noun)
1. Exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance: “It’s not worth the risk.”

When you look up the definition of risk and think of it in the context of dynasty leagues, you automatically think of three very prominent players who have all been in the news lately. These very talented, but unpredictable players have all done the, well, predictable and reminded us all just how risky it is to own any of them in a dynasty league. In fact, it’s quite possible that each of these three players could end up on fantasy benches for the first part of the season due to their poor choices.

Let’s take a look at each situation.

When I first heard that Kenny Britt was arrested just outside a military base on DUI charges, I immediately thought of two things. First, I can’t believe he still hasn’t grown up. Second, I’m very thankful he’s not actually in our military.

Thanks to the lockout, Britt missed out on punishment last year even after being arrested three times in the off-season. You have to figure the commissioner won’t be that easy on the youngster this year. He’s now had at least seven incidents involving the police since coming into the league in 2009 – I’m not sure I’ve even driven by my town’s police station that many times since 2009.

When you consider Britt is still dealing with a rough recovery from his torn ACL and has battled hamstring injuries in the past as well, his value in dynasty leagues is going to suffer, regardless of the suspension length.

Meanwhile, Marshawn Lynch has been arrested on suspicion of DUI himself as his white van was seen weaving in traffic and nearly collided with two other vehicles on a recent brisk Saturday morning in Oakland. This is the same Lynch who was suspended three games a few years ago after getting a misdemeanor weapons charge. He also had his license taken away back in 2008 when he struck a woman with his car outside a bar in Buffalo. Oh yeah, this is also the same Marshawn Lynch who just signed a a four-year, $32 million contract with $18 million guaranteed.

There are some reports out there that much of Lynch’s contract could be voided if he’s found guilty on the DUI charge and is subsequently suspended for conduct detrimental to the team or for substance abuse. It’s going to be an interesting story to watch, especially since this could take a while to make its way through the legal system. If he is found guilty, he’s likely facing a lengthy suspension from the league as a repeat offender, regardless of what his representatives are saying at the moment.

There was a lot of concern with Lynch in dynasty leagues after he signed his deal as the fear grew that he’d go into “feast mode” instead of “beast mode,” and put on some weight in the off-season. This arrest seems to be much, much worse.

That brings us to the curious case of Dez Bryant. His mother called 9-1-1 on him last week after he allegedly hit her in the face with a hat and pulled her hair. While she now says she doesn’t want to press charges, it’s too late as he’s already been arrested on a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. This is the same Angela Bryant who spent 18 months in prison for selling crack cocaine and was all over the news before Dez was drafted after Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland asked if she was a prostitute. While this is Bryant’s first arrest, this is far from the first time his character has been questioned.

Bryant is a hot breakout candidate this year, but this latest bit of news is troubling, to say the least. He has incredible talent, but the decisions he’s made have been less than ideal. This latest incident could land him a one or two game suspension from the league. At some point, Dez has to grow up or he’ll find himself out of the league – the only question is which will happen first.

So, now what?

With all three of these players, the answer is the same. While it may be frustrating to own them and these latest transgressions may be the last straw for you, there’s only one thing you can do – stay the course.

The worst thing you can ever do in a dynasty league is sell low, and that’s exactly what you’d be doing with any of these players at the moment. If you’ve truly had enough of their antics and are concerned they’ll do something again in the future, it’s always best to wait until they come back and post a few good games before moving them – dynasty owners tend to have short memories and a few touchdowns are always a good eraser for some bad transgressions.

Attempting to move any of these players now would alert the rest of your league there was blood in the water – good luck getting any type of decent offer for a player you’re obviously trying to unload.

On the other hand, if you’re a risk taker, each of these players could be available depending on what their owner thinks of their latest issues. If you can land one of them for below market price and can tolerate the risk on your team, it’s worth kicking the tires on.

In the end, Britt, Lynch and Bryant could end up being benchwarmers for at least week one and possibly beyond, leaving dynasty owners sick to their stomachs.

And they haven’t even been drinking.

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