Victor Cruz Wants to Stay with New York Giants According to Friend J.R Smith

New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith, a close personal friend of NFL star Victor Cruz, said on Saturday that the wide receiver “pretty much” wants to remains with the New York Giants long-term. And with those comments, the entire planet has now officially (okay, so, not officially) weighed in on the Cruz-Giants situation.

“I hope he [stays],” Smith told the New York Post on Saturday. “This is pretty much where he wants to be. I’m a Cowboys fan, but I still root for him. It would be nice for him to stay home.”

Luckily for Cruz, if he truly wants to remain with Big Blue, all he has to do is tell agent Tom Condon to accept the $7 million+ annual deal the Giants have offered. Of course, that would mean earning upwards of $3 million less per season than the $8-$10 million he is said to be seeking – but it’s all about loyalty, right?

Cruz has remained publicly hopeful that he and the Giants can reach a long-term agreement, but he’s also said on a number of occasions that if the two sides can’t find mutual ground, he’s open to playing elsewhere. However, as we mentioned on Saturday, the chances of another team signing him to an offer sheet are slim at best, so the Giants are (seemingly) his only realistic option at this point.

And with that, you have your non-update update on Victor Cruz for the day.


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