Dallas Cowboys Go All In With Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys often get criticized for having a front office that people perceive know nothing about football. We’re not here to debate whether or not that’s true. We’re here to say that they clearly have a plan, and the team has acted in full-force to implement that plan going forward. That plan revolves solely around the franchise QB, Tony Romo, and him being successful going forward.

When the team handed Romo an 8 figure contract extension, fans and pundits alike were critical. Romo has only won one playoff game in his career, and the team has not been to the playoffs for three years and counting. Clearly, Jerry Jones and his squad of suit-wearing minions felt comfortable overlooking that and truly handing the reins over to Romo.

Everything we’ve seen and heard since draft day has cemented this plan. Romo had an input on the players drafted, specifically TE Gavin Escobar and WR Terrance Williams. The team also went out and got him a new Center for which to snap him the ball, hopefully in a more timely fashion than has been the custom in recent years. Jones also went on record and said that Romo’s contract has come with a caveat that he must spend even more time at team facilities. Romo will also work closely with Head Coach Jason Garrett and Offensive Coordinator Bill Callahan in developing the gameplan week to week.

Well that’s all well and good, but we can’t help but wonder: Why hasn’t this been the case for the past 6 years? We knew Romo was a superstar since he first took over for Drew Bledsoe. It was pretty clear from that point forward that this was his team, and that he possessed a talent at QB that hadn’t been seen ’round these parts since the departure of Troy Aikman. Why wait so long to let him have input on the draft? Why wait so long to let Romo, who has pronounced his desire to be an Offensive Coordinator after his playing days, in on the game-planning process?

We’re all for this plan. If this team is going to stand behind Romo for the duration of his career, and they are, then we might as well give him every chance to succeed. And for once, the franchise has seemed to have done just that. Romo now has 4 highly talented receivers (Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Dwayne Harris, and Williams), 3 pass-catching Tight Ends (Escobar, Jason Witten, and James Hanna), 2 workman-like RBs (Demarco Murray and 5th round pick Joseph Randle), and a work-in-progress O-Line that can only get better from last year. The time is now for Romo to deliver. And in contrast to recent years, if it doesn’t happen, we won’t have anyone else to blame but him.

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