Washington Redskins 2013 NFL Draft Analysis

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At first glance I thought the Redskins draft was a little peculiar, but as I dug a little deeper, I realized the Washington Redskins did EXACTLY what they needed to do.NFL Draft Grades are in full swing with RG3 and the Washington Redskins next on my list, and boy did Washington take care of business in 2013 potentially making RG3 one happy man.

If I was RG3 right now, I would be one happy camper.

The Washington Redskins drafted seven players in seven rounds. Every single player they snatched up should have some helping hand in the upcoming season—some more than others.

The first player I want to delve into is third round pick Jordan Reed (TE).

Reed is a sizable TE that is more than an above average pass-catcher. None-the-less, he affords RG3 a solid and reliable target in various formats. Reed, however, isn’t just a pass catcher as he is also very adept to being a role player in the ground game, and in pass protection, which will be paramount to RG3 and his ability to stay healthy.

The other picks are David Amerson (2nd Round CB) and Philip Thomas (4th Round S).

The Redskins needed big-time help in their secondary if they were to even entertain the notion of moving forward this year, and believe me, they got their men.

Both players led the FBS in interceptions over the past two years. David Amerson is coined as a true ball-hog style corner which has a lot to do with leading the FBS, but has more to to with why Washington selected him so fast.

Philip Thomas is the sort of player who is billed as an “NFL ready” guy who also has the “ball-hog” mentality Washington was searching for. With two highly aggressive defensive players that have the clout to back them up, it’s hard to argue against an obvious upgrade to Washington’s secondary.

Again, if I was RG3 I would be one happy camper right now.

Let’s take a quick look at the rest of Washington’s 2013 NFL draft.

Washington’s Draft Recap:

Round 5, Chris Thompson, RB: A versatile back that should add some immediate insurance to a backfield that still seemingly remains suspect in various ways.

Round 5, Brandon Jenkins, DE/LB: I think Washington had no choice here for several reasons. He’s certainly the sort of player whose versatility can help the Redskins in sub-packaging and future involvement, but he’s also incredible insurance for Washington with a suspect line and aging London Fletcher.

Round 6, Bacarri Rambo, S: Probably the best back-end pick and best value pick for Washington. Bacarri Rambo has all the right skill sets to immediately start, should Washington choose to do so. Rambo was also the guy who came in second in FBS interceptions to Philip Thomas and David Amerson!

Round 7, Jawan Jamison, RB: Great project player to grab who could help bolster the special teams. Would’ve like to have seen an offensive lineman here, though.

NFl Draft Grades 2013 Final Notes:

I could’ve easily given this team a low “A” had they drafted an offensive lineman. Be it a Guard or Tackle I really felt Washington was going to find someone other than who they are currently running with, considering what just happened to RG3 last season.

Don’t get me wrong, the entire line isn’t that bad, just Chris Chester and Tyler Polumbus in my opinion. Even though the Redskins have some worthy depth to speak of, grabbing a rookie to compete for a job, or simply develop, would’ve been a better choice than drafting two RBs at 5? 7?.

RG3 is an investment for the long-term, and finding a younger lineman with some talent really would’ve gone a long way in helping protecting that investment.

Still, after all is said and done, Washington really did take care of some business and wound up with a pretty good NFL Draft grade!

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Final Grade: B plus

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