Larry Fitzgerald: Can He Bounce Back from Subpar 2012 Season?

First i’d like to preface this by saying Larry Fitzgerald had one of his worst years production wise but when you put in perspective his terrible quarterback play you can finitely understand the situation that he is…

Prior to this offseason, Larry Fitzgerald had been in the same offense since 2007, but now he is trying to take in a new system under Bruce Arians, offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin and assistant head coach Tom Moore.

Because he knew former coach Ken Whisenhunt’s offense so well, much of Fitzgerald’s preparation centered on the defensive backs he would be facing that week. Now, it’s more book-learning. He’s learning three receiver positions, instead of just one. In voluntary practices, it’s common to see Fitzgerald talking to Moore one-on-one and mimicking the steps of a pass route.”

During his lengthy NFL career, Moore has worked with greats like Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Herman Moore, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, so Fitzgerald has a lot to soak up from him. The same goes for Arians, who helped Wayne rebound from a poor 2011 campaign when the pair were together with the Indianapolis Colts in 2012:

Reggie Wayne’s experience under Arians in Indianapolis last season could provide a blueprint. Wayne’s numbers had dipped significantly in 2011 as the Colts struggled without a viable starting quarterback. While Fitzgerald was suffering through a similar experience in 2012, Wayne was bouncing back under Arians — and with a new quarterback — on his way to 106 receptions for 1,355 yards. ‘Both times, when you come off a year where you had quarterback flux, it is tough on a great wide receivers,’ Arians said earlier this offseason. ‘The problem with great wide receivers is you can’t hand them the ball. You gotta get it to them. The thing with Reggie, he had been on the left side for 10 years. To be able to be a flanker and put him in motion, be a slot receiver and develop his skills is something that we’ll look to see if that is good for Fitz.’”

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