New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin Growing Impatient with Victor Cruz’s Absence

It’s sounding like Tom Coughlin is reaching his breaking point regarding the Victor Cruz contract situation.

On the very first day of the mandatory mini-camp for the team, the team’s restricted free agent wide receiver was again, a no-show to camp, just like he was for the team’s OTA’s last week, and it’s something Coughlin spoke on Tuesday with reporters.

“I’ve been optimistic since Day 1 but it hasn’t gotten me anywhere, has it?” Coughlin said after the first practice of the Giants’ three-day minicamp. “I’ll just continue to be (optimistic). But the clock is running. This is something that at least he could’ve benefited by, if nothing else, this minicamp. But you have to realize that there is no contract at this time. So without a contract he’s not going to be here.”
The 66-year-old head coach of the Giants has not been shy about his feelings towards the contract dispute between the Giants and Cruz, which has now reached over three months.
Coughlin made his feelings well aware in early March just before free agency started that he was getting “a little frustrated” with Cruz and his inability to sign the deal with the Giants.
“I like to think that I can control everything, and that I can have something to do with making sure that something gets done that I think would be beneficial to everyone,” Coughlin said, via Jenny Vrentas of The Star-Ledger. “And certainly I believe that about Victor. We want Victor to be a Giant until the end of his career, but obviously he and his people, his agents, they’ve got to make that call. It’s a little bit frustrating in that you’d like to have it done, that’s all.”
Back in April, shortly after the 2013 NFL Draft concluded, Coughlin was concerned that Cruz had not signed his contract extension with the Giants.
“It has to be a concern because when the restricted free agency period is over, you would hope that things would move fast,” Coughlin said Monday on WFAN, via the New York Post. “What we want is exactly what I said the other day. We want a win-win. We want Victor to be proud to be a New York Giant, proud of his contract.”
The Giants placed a first-round tender on Cruz back in March, and none of the other 31 teams put an offer sheet out on him, thus taking a lot of leverage from Cruz and left him with three options: sign the first-round tender for one-year and $2.879 million, sign the long-term extension, or hold out.
The Giants have a deal on the table for Cruz that is worth $7-8 million per season, although Cruz is looking for a deal worth more around $10-11 million per year. However, it was reported that the Paterson-native had dropped his contract demands and the negotiations were on the two-yard line, but nothing has happened since.

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