Packers: Brainwashed or Not, Greg Jennings Knows Green Bay is the Class of the NFC North

Greg Jennings must really miss Green Bay, after all he hasn’t stopped talking about it since he left.

Greg Jennings, for the sake of everything holy, please shut up already about the Green Bay Packers. No one (Minnesota head coach Leslie Fraizer included) wants to hear your delusional rantings about how the Packers brainwashed you or how Aaron Rodgers  isn’t a good teammate – it’s easy to see what’s going on here and it appears that deep down Greg, you really miss Green Bay.

Why else would Jennings continually take jab after jab at the Packers and some of their top players if he wasn’t a wee bit jealous that he had to dawn Viking’s colors just to get a decent payday.

And who would blame him, he’s going from Rodgers to Christian Ponder, from green and gold to purple, from a perennial Super Bowl contender to the team that has never won the big one.

Right now jealousy is the best explanation I can come up for Jennings’ mindless rants towards the Packers recently. Regardless of his motives, he really needs to shut his mouth because whether he realizes it or not, he’s coming off like one of those girls who won’t stop talking about the ex-boyfriend who dumped her because she desperately wants him back.

As far as Jennings most recent comments made to KFAN Radio that he was “Brainwashed” by the Packers into believing the other teams in the NFC North were inferior….well Greg, that had nothing to do with brainwashing, it’s a fact. Since 2006, when Mike McCarthy became the head coach of the Packers, Green Bay has owned the NFC North, plain and simple.

Sure, the Packers have just three division titles compared to the two apiece for both the Bears and Vikings, but if you look at the overall head-to-head records, Green Bay has clearly been the class of the division for the past seven years.

Under McCarthy, the Packers have compiled a 34-10 record against NFC North opponents (including playoffs). During that time Green Bay is 11-4 against the Vikings, 10-5 against the Bears and 13-1 against the Lions.

However,  over the past three seasons, the Packers have taken their domination of the NFC North to a whole new level as the they are 6-1 against both Chicago and Minnesota, as well as 5-1 against Detroit since the start of the 2010 season, that’s a combined record of 17-3.

At one point, the Packers reeled off 13 consecutive wins over divisional foes until their loss to the Vikings in the season finale but have still won 14 of their last 15 games against the NFC North.

So it’s easy to see why Jennings was led to believe the Packers are superior to every other team in the NFC North – because they are. It had nothing to do with brainwashing, it’s simply the truth and Jennings knows it. So please Greg, move on – because unfortunately for you, the Packers already have.




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