New York Giants’ Jason Pierre-Paul: “We’re Way Better than 0-2″

Conspicuously absent over the first two games of the season is New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. His stat line may read six tackles in two games, but he’s been anything but impactful for Big Blue. If anything, it looks like he still has a lot of rust to shake off after missing the offseason due to back surgery.

But that didn’t stop JPP from speaking up after a loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday night. Much like the rallying cry from 2012-2013, he feels the Giants are far better than their record would indicate.

“Yeah, we’re way better than 0-2, but, you know, it is what it is,” JPP said.

Regardless of how a team appears on paper, they are no better than what their record shows in the standings. For the Giants? They’re no better than 0-2. And this “we’re better than our record” thing has really become more like a broken record. No longer is anyone interested in hearing it — they want to see it.

To be fair, Pierre-Paul isn’t the only one with that mindset. Running back David Wilson shared similar sentiments on Sunday night.

“Yeah, most definitely [we’re better than 0-2],” Wilson said. “We’ve got a lot of playmakers on this team, a lot of guys that are used to winning, so we’re going back to practice and we’re going to get this thing back on the right path and go out there and execute the plays on gameday.”

This “we’re better than…” became a mantra a season ago and has apparently carried over into 2013. And while it’s great to have confidence, the belief that you’re better than your record is not going to win football games. The Giants can’t simply say they’re better than 0-2, they actually have to play better than 0-2. And right now? They’re playing much like an 0-2 team.


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