New York Giants: Tom Coughlin’s Job Could Be In Jeopardy

Tom Coughlin is certainly no stranger to being on the hot seat as the head coach of the New York Giants since taking the job back in January of 2004.

In his 10th season with the team, he’s felt the hot seat in at least three different seasons; he was nearly fired after the 2006 season after an 8-8 campaign and had to tell John Mara and Steve Tisch why he should be able to stay with the team; he followed that with a 10-6 season and winning Super Bowl XLII, which got him a contract extension with the team and off the hot seat.

During the start of the 2010 season, after the team started out 1-2, the discussions of Coughlin being forced out of town began really early and they continued after the Giants finished 10-6 and missed the postseason for the second season in a row, yet he was not let go from the team.

During the middle of the 2011 season, when the Giants went from a 6-2 start and dropped to 6-6 and then 7-7 and were staring at the possibility of a third straight season without a postseason trip, the rumblings were really loud of Coughlin being fired, but then the team finished 9-7, won the NFC East and for the second time under his command, won the Super Bowl over the New England Patriots.

Yet, here we all are, two years removed from Super Bowl XLVI, where Coughlin’s Giants have begun the 2013 season at 0-3 and looking as bad as a team could to start the season; which has now begun the discussions with the fans, along with some writers as well, again if Coughlin is fit to run the Giants. The likes of Coughlin not having a grasp on the pulse of the team to allowing coordinators Perry Fewell and Kevin Gilbride to stay on the team to being too old and not in tune with the current league were all talked about after Sunday’s 38-0 loss to the Panthers.

While coaches who win multiple Super Bowls almost never get fired (aside from Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson; must be a Jerry Jones thing); it hasn’t stopped fans from discussing why Coughlin should be let go after 10 seasons,  two championships and a 0-3 start; which is what the only thing fans are zeroing in on right now.

The talk of Coughlin retiring after the 2013 season has come up in the summer, as he is 67-years-old now and the oldest head coach in the league right now who has done it all in the league and literally has nothing left to prove in the league, yet the idea of coaching a few more years has been something Coughlin has been open to and has strongly considered. Yet at the same time, with the joys of being a grandfather, along with the recent tragic death of his brother John, nobody would blame Coughlin if he decided to walk away and call it a career; but some are looking to push him out now rather than let him decide when he is ready to leave the league.

Mara has always voiced his support for Coughlin and talked about how high he thinks of his head coach, and given that Coughlin has brought in two of the team’s four championships, firing Coughlin doesn’t seem like something Mara would do, but then again, nobody thought Landry would ever be forced out from the Dallas Cowboys job, yet Jones did it in 1989 when he took over the team, so stranger things can and have happened.

Talking about a coach being fired after Week 3 seems a little too soon to discuss, especially for a coach with the resume of Coughlin’s, and given the fact that the Giants are in a weak NFC East where they are two games out of first place, so all it would take would be the Giants rolling off a couple of wins in a row and the 0-3 start is forgotten about.

But if the terrible season continues, and if the Giants are 2-10, rest assured, the “fire Coughlin” discussions will only be louder, more discussed and probably dominating the back pages of the news in New York and then, the debate might have to be brought up again with actual meaning and merit. But discussing letting go of a two-time Super Bowl winning coach after Week 3 seems a bit premature.

With that said, it likely still won’t stop the fans and writers from continuing to discuss Coughlin being shown the door as Giants head coach.


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